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Dec 30, 2018

The holidays? More like holi-daze, am I right?? This week, Good Idea throws it to Luda, joins prison club, and checks in on Tim. AJ Ganaros guest stars.

You can find AJ's podcast here:

You can also find AJ's podcast (Straight Off...

Dec 27, 2018

Hey! I have a terrible headache today and, while we did get to record this week as promised, the headache has made editing near impossible to focus on. In effort to do the best job I can, I'm going to finish editing tomorrow or Saturday and we'll have the episode up as soon as we can. Thank you again for your patience,...

Dec 20, 2018

We've been miserably busy the last week or so, and have not been able to put anything together for you, apologies. Hopefully we'll be back on schedule next week!! Happy Holidays!!

Dec 7, 2018

Sorry this episode is up a little late, but y'all know how school be. Fortunately, this week we're bringing you one of our best ideas yet! Just for you, we've devised a way to determine if a food is worth eating, and trust us on this one, when implemented, the results WILL surprise you. Gabriel Rickabaugh and Ben...

Nov 30, 2018

Mr. Berklich destroys veganism, we learn the difference between a joke and a reference, and we determine if your child, cooked and served, would taste better to you than someone else's. Jared Rose and Patrick Berklich guest star.